• Amy Michele

Pursuing a Mindful Life

Who would think that trying to pick a "tag line" could be so difficult? Well for some reason my monkey mind turned it into a several month endeavor. I knew in general that my new format for my website and blog would revolve around mindfulness, but I could not seem to accept that simplicity. Some of the other options considered and subsequently dismissed were: a well cultivated life, living with intention, living deliberately, and unfortunately many more. The problem was really that I liked them all. They all expressed just a slightly different piece of what I was trying to express. You would have thought I was carving the Rosetta stone never to be changed. So when I finally made myself focus in a mindful moment, I arrived at what I simply wanted to say....my desire is to focus on those things that aid in my pursuit of a mindful life.

My categories I am focusing on are: minimalism, real food, yoga & meditation, and travel. It is my goal to approach these aspects of my life as mindfully as possible to gain the most from my time on this planet. It is my hope that the things I choose to share will bring value to your life as well.

While, I promise, you will never find ad banners or any blatant advertising on my blog, I will on occasion recommend a book, podcast, or product that has been meaningful or added greatly to my life. It is my hope these will be taken in the spirit they are offered and never a push to "accumulate more". I gratefully welcome your feedback on this blog and the content of my website today and in the future.

Welcome to "amy michele: pursing a mindful life"!




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