• Amy Michele

Sitting with a Monk

I consider myself fortunate and blessed that on August 6 I got to sit in meditation with Bhante Dhammawansha. I was moved by his compassionate spirit and the overall calm and humor he brought to the day. The teachings Bhante shared touched and inspired me to deepen my meditation practice and focus more on loving kindness and mindfulness. This day truly moved me forward in pursuing a mindful life.

There were two wonderful quotes I took away from the day. The first from Bhante himself, "Don't advise, lead by example". It takes true mindfulness in every interaction to step back, take a moment, not re-act, and let my actions reflect true loving kindness. I am challenging myself to adopt this as daily practice.

The second was from Susan Sklar one of the event sponsors who was instrumental in bringing Bhante to our area. She said "I live my life according to Buddhist principles". I like and identify with her sentiment. It can be odd or off-putting in our Western society to call yourself a Buddhist. Many assume that a Buddhist worships the image of Buddha like an idol. Reality could not be further from the truth. While a Buddhist may choose to become a monk and lead a life of service and teaching, he may instead live within the world honoring the ideals and wisdom of the Buddha. It is not a religion, but guiding practices for life. Therefore, I like Susan live my life according to Buddhist principles.

I leave you with theses words from Bhante Dhammawansha:

"Happiness is always available in our hearts; we just have to tap into it. Mindfulness is the torch to find it."

Thank you to Bhante Dhammawansha, Carol and staff at Conscious Choices, and the Unity of Naples for a wonderful experience.

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