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Declutter your Fantasy Self

Not sure where to start on the path toward minimalism? Take a look around at the things you are keeping to support your fantasy life. I mentioned in my last post on minimalism that I was a single woman with table service for eight and a non-baker who had muffin tins. Those are small examples of my fantasy life of someone who was an avid entertainer and baker – could not have been further from truth. Yes, these were isolated things, but I will confess to one of my many large collections purchased to keep a fantasy alive.

I love the image of being a tea drinker. In my mind people who drink hot tea are sophisticated, elegant, discriminating people who know how to relax enjoying the finer things (insert image of afternoon tea at "Downton Abbey" here). So, over time I amassed a large collection of loose leaf and bagged teas in every flavor known to man. There were flowers that blossomed into teas, and teas that I truly believe were just left over pencil shavings. The entire cabinet over my stove was full, literally full of tea. And of course it did not stop with the tea. I also acquired a great number of the tea appropriate equipment sold by the likes of Teavanna. I will admit, I did use my specially designed travel tea brewing thermos a total of three times. But as much as I tried to adopt the image, when it came down to the honest truth, I don’t like hot tea!! When I came across an article on the paraphernalia we collect for our fantasy selves, the light bulb finally came on – I could of course get rid of these items and admit I am not the type of person who takes afternoon tea and that is okay. For those of you who are concerned we did use the myriad of teas to make lots of iced tea – however, some of the odd blends did wind up down the drain (i.e. the pencil shaving tea).

Maybe your fantasy self is something different: huge collections of unread books for the fantasy avid reader, crafting supplies for the hobby you never really got into, or musical instrument/music you have been saving for the day you are inspired to get back into performing. Are you ready to let go of the fantasy and it’s trappings to make room in your life for the things you are truly interested today? While it may seem really difficult to let go of the fantasy, I give you the permission and the empowerment to let him/her go and assure you it will absolutely be worth it when you do.

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