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The Minimalism Game

In last week’s post, I offered up one option for embracing minimalism. This week I would like to present you a concept you can use to begin “Decluttering your Fantasy Self”, or to jump in anywhere you would like: The Minimalism Game. The “Min” Game is the conception of The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus. The general rules of the game are as follows: on day one you release one item from your home, life, office, etc.; day two release two items; and you can see where this is going. Since we are right on the brink of a new month, this is the perfect time to start. By the end of October if you complete the month, you will have decluttered at least 496 items. That is a great start in moving toward minimalism

I have played The Minimalism Game many times and I will admit, the first week is pretty easy and feels great. The last week is very challenging and yes, I did choose to throw this at you in a 31 day month. To help keep you motivated enlist a fellow minimal wannabe to play the game with you. Make it a competition – whoever finishes the month gets a cup of coffee, or some other consumable reward. If you both finish, spend time together celebrating your accomplishments. You create the rules: for instance, a pair of shoes may be one item or two (by mid-month, they will be two), etc.

In addition to playing with a friend, I would love to hear from you if you are taking up The Min Game challenge. Comment below; or contact me via email, Instagram or Facebook and let me know your joining in and how you are doing. If you would like, list what you got rid of daily. I will share in the next couple of weeks how it seems to be going for those involved (not revealing anything too personal of course!). I will be playing along this month as well and will be posting on Instagram the items I declutter daily. Follow me @pursuing_a_mindful_life to see the updates. If you only make it through a week or two, you are still making progress, and you can always start again in another month. But, just think how even that week or two moved you a few steps into a life of minimalism, or at the very least freed up a little space in your life.

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