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Saving Your Best For Never

I had several discussions following my post on “Decluttering your Fantasy Self” that actually led into another topic I have been thinking of sharing. Did you identify some “fantasy self” items that you truly love and do not want to part with? Then the next question to ask yourself is “Why am I not using this item?”

One of my dear friends wrote me to say she has beautiful crystal water glasses that she never uses. My immediate thought and response to her was “the next time we are together, we need to use those glasses.” Why do we save our best items for some special event or rainy day that never comes. We are all guilty of this…or at least I know I am. I have found clothes with tags still on them waiting for an event worthy of them, or continue to use some sad burned down candle when there is a drawer full of beautiful candles just waiting for use. I could give you a thousand examples, but I am sure you can already envision something in your own life that you are saving. How many of you are wearing socks with holes in them right now and have new socks in your closet or drawer? (Not naming any names, but I know you are out there).

Why don’t we enjoy our best every day? We are worthy of our good china, favorite clothes, luxurious bath products, etc. on a daily basis. Not just for special occasions. I can already hear someone saying “Yes, but then what makes special occasions special?” That’s easy, the people you share them with, the event you are celebrating, the food you prepare and the list can go on. Remember the present moment is all we ever have, so why put off the pleasure of using your best.

So my challenge to you is this, find something, anything that you love but don’t use, and make a conscious effort to use it TODAY.

I would love to hear what you have decided to use in your life today. Contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram and share your "best".

UPDATE: The Minimalism Game is now up to day 6. How is it going for you? Keep me posted or see my decluttering on Facebook or Instagram.

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