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What are you keeping "just in case"?

Do you have "stuff" in your life that you are hanging on to for the outside chance that you may need it in the future? Of course we all do. And, I will concede that every once in a while, you will actually put said item to use. But, how much space, energy, time cleaning, etc are these "just in case" items taking up in your life. In my month of the Minimalism Game, I have already eliminated yet more "stuff" that I was holding just in case. On Thursday, you may have seen my photo of 13 empty hangers. Since I am trying not to add more clothing to my wardrobe, why was I keeping excess empty hangers just waiting for new clothes?

The Minimalists suggest a method I strive to incorporate for dealing with "just in case" items. Their rule is anything that you could replace in 20 minutes for less than 20 dollars is something they can eliminate. Now of course this should be personal. Maybe for you 10 dollars and 10 minutes is more appropriate. Whatever your level is, I think we can all agree there is probably a point at which we can reasonably release items knowing they can be replaced if the need arises.

I know those of you who are artists or crafters are probably thinking I am crazy. Your life's work revolves around the things you keep that may be used in the process of your craft. Understood. But what other things in your life are just in case. How many of us have kitchen tools we keep for one special dish prepared in 2001 and never again? Are we hanging on to books, magazine articles, recipes on scrap paper that we could easily access on the internet if we actually need them later?

Take a look around your home and your life. What are you keeping for "just in case"? What can you release, knowing if the unexpected need ever does arise, you could acquire again without undue stress and expense?

UPDATE: The Minimalism Game is now half way through for the month. If you are keeping up, you have decluttered 120 items. Take a look at your "just in case" items to keep the momentum going and be sure to keep me posted on your progress.

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