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Maintaining Minimalism

You have been decluttering for 22 days now (253 items if you have been keeping up). How are you going to maintain this momentum and not sink back into accumulating the unnecessary? What are you willing to allow back into your life? I confessed this week in one of my Minimalism Game posts that I have a chronic problem with purchasing beauty/skincare items. Listed here are some of my favorite techniques that help me when it comes to halting my over-accumulation of unneeded stuff.

  1. First and foremost don’t bring anything into your home/life that does not add value. To do this you have to know what it is that you truly value. (Hmmm future blog perhaps.) Knowing what you value will make it easier to say no now, to make room for something better in the future.

  2. When you are offered “swag” or free promotional items of any kind – JUST SAY “NO THANK YOU”. Do you have T-shirts from 5K’s, pens from every company you have done business with, rubberized bracelets for all the charities you support, or odds and ends from trade shows or conventions? I am certain you could add 1,000 more sources of unneeded items that accumulate in our homes. You may always choose to graciously refuse to take the free gifts that are offered to you.

  3. If you shop for retail therapy, consider any other activity instead. Go for walk, meet a friend for coffee, etc. you get the point.

  4. If you must use retail therapy or truly love to shop, these are the tools I use that you may find helpful:

  • While wandering around a store, I put items in my cart that I find beautiful or think will add value. Then before making my way to the register, I stop and really evaluate if the item is needed, could I use something I already have, or is this the best value in terms of price and quality. When I use this technique, most of what I have “shopped” for winds up going back on the shelf (and please put things back where you originally found them).

  • When I do make a purchase, I always keep the receipt and leave price tags and labels in place for several days. If I find I already have the item (which happens all too often) or realize it was not quite what I wanted or needed I can return the item as it does not add value for me. (Keep in mind some retailers frown on frequent returns, so use this with caution.)

You have the power to choose what comes into your life. Make your choices mindful ones and always ask yourself “does this object/commitment/activity bring value to my life?”

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