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November Musings or My Unmindful Month

November has been a challenging month for me in regard to mindfulness. The month started with traveling and not eating mindfully, getting out of my writing frame of mind, and spending too much time absorbed in books. Not to say I did not thoroughly enjoy my distractions, I have been finding it difficult to get myself back into my mindful attitude. As evidenced by the total lack of blog posting for several weeks, aside from the two awesome guest posts on travel. I have decided rather than waiting for the well composed focused blog that I have been waiting for, perhaps I would share a series of thoughts that are running through my mind. If that is not your cup of tea, at least stay with me for the special offer I have for all my subscribers at the end of this post!

Without further delay, November Musings...or maybe November Confessions.

  • Weather: Living in Southwest Florida, it is not often that you get the true feeling of the change of seasons. Very little fall color or change in climate, however we are finally having a little burst of fall that I am loving. Fresh air blowing in through open windows and cool, crisp mornings are a lovely respite from the usual heat. For my readers in cooler climates I hope you embrace the changes that the cooler temperatures blow your way as well.

  • Food: I mentioned traveling and food because we attended the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot Center. We are fortunate to live a few hours from Orlando and enjoy attending this event every year. This year we extended our stay to get to really enjoy the festival without the weekend crowds and it was well worth it. The downside for me was that I decided to "cheat" on my low carbohydrate diet. While I was anticipating the discomfort I might have from my splurging, I had not counted on how much the carb cravings would return and how hard it would be to get back on track. As a result, I am still struggling, in the midst of preparing for a carb laden Thanksgiving, to return to my low carb, high fat, happy self.

  • Distraction: I am a reader at heart. Give me a good book any day to be read at the beach, or cuddled up with a blanket on a cool day and I am happy as a clam. The problem is when I get caught up in reading over other important tasks. I realized last week that not only was I actively reading 3 separate books, I was also listening to one on CD in the car and one more on Audible, and top it off with one I occasionally come back to now and then on Kindle. So alas not much else was getting accomplished. When you catch yourself circling a parking lot until the chapter on the book on CD finishes, maybe it is time to get help! So my solution is to return all but one book to the bookshelf or library and only read when other tasks for the day are done. For now it seems to be working as I am writing vs. reading right now!

  • Shopping: Yes the minimalist promoting decluttering in October has done a too much shopping this month. I have no intention of giving unneeded details, but for those of you who know me or followed my Instagram postings for October may be able to guess the category. Time to get back to focus on what is important and brings me value rather than impulse pleasure - this is why minimalism is a journey not simply a destination.

So my pursuit of a mindful life has stagnated a bit this month, but thankfully I could see the slippery slope and redirect before I got too far off track - and that is truly why my goal is "Pursuing a Mindful Life". Everyday is a re-commitment to my goal and the values it encompasses.

As promised in the introduction I have something new to share and a special gift for two of my readers. I am adding a monthly book review for the subscribers to my website. I will be giving recommendations for books that I love and have truly added value to my life. If you would like to be a part, please click on the link at the top or bottom of this page to subscribe to my website and I will add you to receive this monthly exclusive addition to my blog. Two lucky subscribers will receive one of two of my favorite books each autographed by the authors. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert or Everything That Remains a memoir by the Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus). If you are already a subscriber, feel free to message me to add you to the contest!




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