• Amy Michele

Planning for 2017

Have you picked your 2017 calendar yet? Are you waiting for something magical to appear under the tree or after the first of the year? Why not think now about how you want to plan effectively in 2017?

I have tried pretty much every day planning, time management, calendar system on the market. Everything from paper calendars and journals, to systems involving elaborate planning, to online and electronic methods and list keeping has made its way into my life over the years. Today I want to share what has become for me the most effective method of planning in my life. To arrive at this system there are four things I had to come to terms with first.

  1. I like physically writing things down. My love for stationary of all kinds is dangerous, but I accept it and embrace that a paper system is best for me.

  2. If I don’t write it down, it probably won’t get done.

  3. Loose pieces of paper will regularly get lost. Grabbing a slip of paper or even a sticky note it to make a list or write down an important detail is usually tantamount to not bothering in the first place as I will misplace it.

  4. Too much detail in the planning process and nothing gets done. I can get so wrapped up in the minutia of using my “system” that I don’t time to get all those priority identified tasks done.

Fortunately a couple of years ago I stumbled across a method designed by Ryder Carrol called Bullet Journaling (BuJo for short) Ryder describes his method as “an evolving, adaptable practice meant to be self-curated as you determine what works best for you.” Below you will find a link to his website and video. In a nut shell, Bullet Journaling does not require any special books or tools and each day’s plan may be completely different in length and content. Your Bullet Journal will not look anything like anyone else’s as your refine it to meet your needs. Using a BuJo is simply a process of grabbing your favorite bound paper, a writing instrument you love and all of your various calendars, datebooks, appointment schedules, etc. and integrating them into one tool. My Bullet Journal has evolved over time to encompass my various jobs, writing ideas, shopping lists, appointments and my daily “to do” list. You simply create an index at the front (I use the back so I don’t have to decide how many pages it may take) of the “journal” and start with any month log identifying the calendar and monthly tasks. Then you just dive into each day logging tasks to accomplish, notes, and events. Ryder suggests bullets to use, but I have over time developed my own. Instead of being limited to one calendar block or 12 lines for each day, since you approach one day at a time, each entry is as long or as short as you like.

This has revolutionized my productivity and helped me keep on track of the various aspects of my life. I do still use the calendar in my smart phone for future plans, appointments, birthday reminders, etc. I just consult my phone each day and add important info to my BuJo.

Since there are no dated pages to worry about, you can start anytime. So why not get the jump on 2017 and start now. Please go to Ryder’s website for more details, and if you are interested in seeing how I organize and use my Bullet Journal let me know. I would be happy to post photos or give more specifics if you are interested.

I will warn those paperholics out there like me….don’t spend too much time searching for the perfect journal to start with! Any notebook will do. Good Luck.




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