• Amy Michele

Decluttering Challenge

Did you look around your home on December 26th and think, "did we really need this much stuff" or "where are we going to put all these gifts"? I used to spend a better part of January "reorganizing" to make room to new additions that Christmas brought into my life. I have since learned organizing is not the key, but decluttering can certainly bring me closer to my goals. Now, I simply ask myself, "how would my life be better with less?"

My challenge to you this January is to join me in playing the Minimalism Game to eliminate some of the extra clutter December may have brought your way. The rules are simple: on January 1, you eliminate 1 item, on the 2nd, 2 items, and so on. Make this a competition with a friend for a dollar, a cup of coffee or just bragging rights to see who can make it to January 31. For more details checkout my post "The Minimalism Game".

I will be posting my daily decluttering along with a daily tip on Facebook and Instagram. Follow me on either platform, or you can view my Instagram feed on my home page.

If you need a little inspiration to get started, check out the documentary Minimalism: a documentary about the important things on ITunes, Vimeo, or Netflix or follow the link for other viewing options.



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