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Minimalism Game Tips ~ 1-7

One week into the Minimalism Game Challenge. This installment shares the first 7 tips to approach minimizing within your life. Take the ones that are appropriate for you and your lifestyle and incorporate them as ingredients for your minimalism recipe. One size does not fit all, so pick and choose the items that add value for you. Hope one or more of these tips will inspire you, and if you have not jumped in yet, it is never too late to start!

1. Start small and clean out your wallet or handbag. Throw out old receipts, unnecessary business cards, anything that is not currently needed and adding value to your life. Maybe it is even time to minimize the number of credit cards you have or carry on you daily.

2. Take a look at the publications that enter your home: catalogs, magazine, newspapers, etc. Are there piles of these items you have been holding onto with the intent to read at some future date? Toss anything that is more than one year old straight away. Consider cancelling an subscriptions outright that are not adding value to your life and just keep piling up - eliminate clutter and save a few dollars in the process. Evaluate what you have left to determine whether or not you truly have the time or interest in reading them and only keep the items that will add value.

3. Quickly peruse your wardrobe. An easy purge is to find clothing that is stained or ripped beyond repair (or you know you just won't ever repair). Get rid of anything that no longer fits -- don't torture yourself by looking everyday at clothes that you have not worn for years due to size or wear ill fitting clothes. You are worth wearing your best to look your best every day.

4. Are your best items packed away to be used for some special occasion or later date. Check out my previous post: "Saving your best for never". Make a point to use the luxury items you have been saving. You deserve it, and then you can declutter the empties.

5. Get your children involved in decluttering. When you tell them about the "game" you may be surprised by their response and eagerness to help. Make a competition between family members for an honor or privilege in your home. Even sullen teenagers get involved when you make it fun and rewarding.

6. The 20/20 Rule. Most of the miscellaneous items you keep "just in case" could be replaced in 20 minutes or less for less than $20. For more details, check out "What are keeping just in case?". Why not let go of the items filling junk drawers, cupboards, attics and garages by applying the 20/20 rule?

7. Do your pets have as many toys as some children? Time to go through the things Fido loves and cull out items that are damaged and could cause harm to your pet, wash those that are dirty, and perhaps limit how many are accessible at any one time to minimize pet clutter in your house. (Yes there are six pet toys on my bed right now - I am working on this one today!)

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