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Minimalism Game Tips ~ 8-14

Week two down. How is it going for you? Are you still inspired to declutter? Shoot for at least one item per day if the game is getting to be more than you bargained for. Here is the next set of tips from the daily Instagram posts.

8. Dig into your cosmetics bag and anywhere else you store skincare, makeup and bath products. Dispose of anything beyond its expiration date or best use. (Check out the following for a good guide on keeping cosmetics.) Be ruthless and get your supplies down to what you need, is flattering to you, and is what you actually will use and love. If you have excess unopened products that you will not use, many women’s shelters will gratefully accept them for their clients.

9. Be brutal as you peruse your collection of DVDs and (heaven help us if you still have them) VHS tapes. I guarantee there are some that you have watched once and done, or perhaps never watched at all. In the modern world where we can live stream almost anything you want to watch, why not let them go? There are countless organizations that would love to have your unloved DVD’s, but we chose to send ours to the Masonic Home of Florida as this is one of the items on their donation requests list. Find the charitable organization that touches your heart and give them your support.

10. If you wear a fragrance, try to limit yourself to one signature scent (or one each for day and evening). Not only will this limitation keep your fragrance fresh and establish your signature scent, it allows you to donate the rest and free up space for other important things. Industry experts agree fragrance is only effective 3-5 years – and that is the purest fragrance, so why hang on to multiple scents that will just lose their potency over time. So whether you prefer essential oils, or a commercial fragrance consider just one and let the rest go.

11. Consider applying the 90/90 rule in your decluttering pursuit. If any item in your life has not been used in the last 90 days and no foreseeable use in the next 90, let it go. If 90 days does not work for your life, adapt the rule for you. Maybe 30/30 or even 6 mo/6 mo. Whatever feels appropriate for you is great, but set limits for yourself and the items you allow to stay in your life.

12. Getting greeting cards is such a lovely treat that seems to be going by the wayside in our email society. Having said that, I love receiving and sending cards, but am totally open to once reading and enjoying them, letting them move on to another use. My favorite is to send cards to St Jude’s Ranch for Children Recycled Card Program. Read their parameters carefully and then send your lovely greeting cards to them to up-cycle and bring joy to others.

13. Holiday decorations – whether its Christmas, Easter, Halloween or whatever holiday it makes you happy to decorate for, please take some time to evaluate what you have. Think about all the items you store for 11 months only for short periods of display. Make sure the items you keep truly add value to you and your family on said holiday and have “earned” their space in your seasonal storage.

14. Bathrooms have become a bottomless pit where strange supplies go to die. How many old cleaning products, personal care products or excess linens (getting moldy) are stored in various bathroom locations in your home? As often as I try to purge these items, I still always seem to find things that really need to be trashed, or put to use. I found a brand new shower curtain under a bathroom sink and realized the one in the guest bath shower was truly gross! Dig into those dark corners in bathrooms and just see what you find.

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