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Minimalism Game Tips ~ 15-21

Week three of the challenge is over! Have you decluttered 348 things? If not no worries, jump in anytime. After all it is a game! Perhaps one of these will provide you with inspiration to push through week 4.

15. Take a close look into your medicine cabinet/first aid kit. Do you have any expired medication in your home? Remember to look at over the counter as well as old prescriptions. Keep in mind medicines should not be flushed down the toilet or sink. Check with your local municipality or pharmacy for locations to surrender expired medications.

16. Look for ways to tame the paper monster. While there are of course vital documents that need to be kept, how much paper in your home is just taking up space. Articles clipped to "read later", manuals, recipes you thought you would try, but never did, the list could go on and on. How many of these stored pieces of paper could easily be accessed on the internet if you truly need them in the future? Pretty safe to assume many could and can therefore be recycled.

17. Does tax season have you drowning in the important paperwork that cannot just be discarded. Prepare now for the 2017 tax year by establishing a system for keeping what is needed and shredding the documents of a personal nature - bank and credit card statements, bills, etc, that do not need to be maintained. Shredders can be obtained easily enough and I have found for some reason kids love to shred anything they can. There are also services that can do the shredding of for you if you have a large load.

18. Still trying to determine what you can let go of? Try Marie Kondo's mantra. "Does this item spark joy?" If you have not heard of the Konmari method or her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it is time to check it out. Her style has inspired many people around the world to once and for all let go of the times that do not bring them joy. Perhaps it will also inspire you.

19. A full closet with nothing to wear is the dilemma that many people face. I highly recommend going extreme to find out what clothing you really need and wear. Check out Courtney Carver's Project 333. To put it simply the project involves selecting 33 items from your wardrobe to wear over 3 months. The rest of your items are stored and may be switched out in your next 3 month capsule wardrobe. 33 items does not sound like much, but you will be surprised how creative you can get with those items. You may find you don't miss many of the stored items and they can be donated to someone who get value from them.

20. Books are a tough declutter for many people. If you are a little hesitant to let go of the lifetime of books clogging shelves, consider donating them to your local library. You are able to share your love of books and reading with others, and they are available to check out if you feel the need to read them again. Everyone wins.

21. If you have memorabilia or photos that you do not want to part with, why not have a scanning party? There are scanners available at a variety of price ranges or borrow one from a friend. Store your memories digitally and free up storage space. Bonus: this also protects those memories from being damaged.

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