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Minimalism Game Tips ~ 16-28

With the completion of week 4, there are only a few days to go. Does finding 29, 30 and 31 items just sound impossible? Then maybe focus on just 10 things each day! Perhaps some of this past week’s tips will inspire you.

22. Have you collected an assortment of odd bits that you are not sure what to do with? Have you delayed decluttering for lack of what to do with items? No one wants to just add more to a landfill. Do a little research into recycling your unusual objects. Start with your local waste management. Our county has a special drop off for electronics, paint/chemicals, and old prescriptions among other things. My large collection of wine corks is going to Whole Foods specialty foods department collection barrel, and my Nespresso pods get returned to the manufacturer through Sur La Table a local retail store that sells the Nespresso machines. Get creative and do your homework, there may be any number of local agencies eager for the item you are looking to be rid of.

23. Take a good look at all the places you have linen stored. Pull them all together and re-evaluate how many sets of towels and sheets your home actually needs. Particularly the ‘fancy’ sets you never use, or the tattered sets that should have been ditched years ago. Pass the decorative sets on to someone who will use them and, if still serviceable, the others can be given to local animal shelters or veterinary clinics.

The next 4 all revolve around digital decluttering. In our age of so many places where we store digital data, it can all get ahead of us in the blink of an eye.

24. With a camera on me about 18 hours of the day, the number of photos I take has gone up exponentially. Most of them are not heirlooms to keep for life. My camera becomes my notepad, grocery list, etc. and once the task is completed, photo can be deleted. If you tend to use your phone like I do, be sure to peruse your photo storage files regularly and dump the “junk” – don’t forget to also empty the “delete” or trash file as well.

25. Do you catch yourself wasting time on social media? You know you are not even close to being alone. There is a fine line between valuable tool and distraction. Make a habit of reviewing what to follow on these platforms and delete those that do not add value to your life. I removed the less valued platforms from my phone completely so that I would not mindlessly look at things that did not add to and frequently detracted from a mindful life.

26. On your desktop or laptop schedule times to regularly clean out download folders, browser history, cached files, cookies, temporary internet files, etc. to free up space and potentially speed up your computing time.

27. My phone recently had a total meltdown and would not power up. After a lengthy weight at my service provider’s location, I was embarrassed to be told I had just filled the phone’s memory to capacity. I realized I had way too many apps many of which had never been opened or used very infrequently. Delete apps that you do not need; and purge old notes, phone and text messages, and contacts that no longer bring value to your life.

28. Getting stuck for what else you can declutter? I challenge you to look around your garage, attic, basement or the dreaded storage unit that you are paying for each month. I am certain you could easily find items in these locations that are forgotten or damaged beyond repair. One option is to locate just one box /bin. Any item that could not be named before the box was opened needs to go. If it has been there over an indeterminable length of time and never accessed, it is probably not that important.

Three days to go! I would love to hear from you if you are still with me. Or if you have stopped, how far did you get? Drop me a comment or an email, or reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram (if they still add value).

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