• Amy Michele

Minimalism Game Completed Tips ~ 29-31

The game for the month of January is over. However, my pursuit of a mindful life through minimalism will continue throughout the year. I hope the last 3 tips from January will assist you in your pursuit as well.

29. As much as you might like to force family members or roommates to join you in minimalism, you simply cannot. And I cannot stress this enough, you should never declutter anything that is not yours without explicit permission from the owner. The best way to encourage others to join you is by example. When friends and family see the value that living minimally brings to your life, it may encourage them to join in too.

30. If there are items you are struggling with choosing to declutter, consider a temporary storage plan. Please note this is indeed TEMPORARY! Pack up undecided items for a predetermined length of time (30 days, 6 months, whatever you think will be appropriate). If you have not needed to open the box before the time ends, dispose of the entire box without opening it back up.

31. You have made great strides this month so my best final tip is to start preventative planning. What strategies can you put in place now to prevent the creep of clutter back into your life? Check out my previous post on Maintaining Minimalism for a few suggestions. In addition, stay posted to Pursuing a Mindful Life for more of my plans for my year of living with intention.

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