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Intentional February - Month of Zero Spending

Month two of my year of living intentionally is almost halfway over. I waited to share my plans for February so I could couple the plan with how it has gone so far. On the heels of maintaining the progress I made in my January De-cluttering Challenge, what better way to make sure new items do not come in but by committing to no spending?

The Plan: For the month of February I will not be spending any of my discretionary money. That means, no clothes, accessories, cosmetics, skin care, candles, books, stationary, fast food, etc. You get the idea. This is my personal plan and does not affect the rest of my family and any spending they choose to do. This also does not include money spent on experiences, but those will be considered a luxury that have to be planned. I will of course pay all bills and usual commitments. The plan of my month is to bring more intention to every dollar I spend (or not) and, in contrast, am able to save. This in turn supports my desire to prevent more "stuff" from entering my home.

My Progress: As of today, the plan has been going very well. I caught myself using a loophole to purchase a new sweatshirt from my yoga studio and the next day corrected my error and returned the item. I realized while there was not any cash coming out of my pocket, I was not being true to the intention for the month, and more importantly I did not need it. Otherwise I am proud to say I have been able to save a substantial amount toward retiring some debt and the future purchase of a new laptop. (See my gofundme for more details.) I will give a full recap at the end of February as to the ultimate success or failure of my Zero spending.

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