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Changes: Pursuing a Mindful Life

It has been a busy month here. I have been updating my website with some new features, planning for new ways to reach out to my readers, and took the plunge with scheduling my first Minimalism workshop. Lots of excitement, stress, and trepidation as I move forward with my plans hoping they will add value to all of you.

Please take a few moments to check out the updates on www.amymichele.net. I have tried to make all the pages more user friendly by refining the content on each page, eliminating some of the excess that I was finding distracting, and adding some new features.

On my services page you will find something new; mentoring. I am happy to announce that I have added one-on-one mentoring in Minimalism to my offerings. If you are looking for assistance with de-cluttering, downsizing commitments or reducing your digital profile in addition to many other options, please feel free to contact me.

Starting in March, I am going to have a monthly newsletter. There will be sections that recap the Intention of the previous month, highlight new blog posts, introduce plans and events for the current month, and feature experiences or products that have added value to my life. Each of you, my friends and readers, will receive this newsletter delivered to your inbox each month. I will continue to write a number of blog posts monthly as well. The posts will be sent (full text) to subscribers of Pursuing a Mindful Life. If you would like to continue to get each blog post, please make sure you subscribe. As a special incentive, I will be having a random drawing at the end of March for all current and new subscribers. The winner will receive any of my services free of charge!

The final new project this month is my event; Minimalism: Find More with Less workshop. If you will be in Southwest Florida on March 28, please make your plans to join us. Check out the website for all the details and contact me if you have any questions.

As always I would love to get your feedback! Please reach out to me on the website, social media or via email. Thank you for your support of Pursuing a Mindful Life.

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