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Intentional March - Evening Routine

I had a difficult time deciding on my intention for March. I got caught up in perfectionism/procrastination. There seemed to be too many things I wanted to focus on yet none seemed to resonate enough for me to jump in. So while I got a late start for the month, on March the 5th I started my intentional focus on developing an evening routine.

Over the past couple months, I have found myself running late in the morning, feeling rushed and frequently going back into the house to find whatever it is I realized I forgot. Worse yet are the days when I arrive at work missing the items that did not occur to me while in the car. The root of course being that I had not prepared adequately the evening before. While this seems so simple, I have struggled with getting a good routine in place that covers all the bases. So, that is my goal for the month. While I may not have identified all the tasks I will need to fit into my routine, it is my hope that by March 31st, I will have really refined what I need to accomplish each evening to enter the next day with calm confidence.

The following are the areas I have identified to begin with:

1. Review my calendar for the next day. Giving attention to anything I will need to have with me and locating it preferably to the car to ensure it will not be forgotten.

2. Decide what clothing I will wear. Several days a week I leave before my husband is up, so making sure that I always lay out my clothes makes getting ready in low light so much easier. In addition, that is one less decision that I need to make in the morning.

3. Attend to personal care. A friend and I were recently comparing notes that even though we know better, we are both really bad about taking time to remove our makeup in the evening. So for this month, I am purposely tying the tasks of brushing teeth and taking out contacts (tasks I always find time for) to skincare. It may vary from quick cleanse and slap on moisturizer to a full home facial, but worth the time either way!

4. Tidy up. Fifteen minutes is usually all it would take to put away any stray items that did not get returned to their proper home. Awaking to a tidy room makes me feel much better than being greeted by unfolded clothes, dog toys, and general chaos.

Though a late start, evening one was successful! I went to bed feeling prepared and woke up with a more peaceful start to my day. There will probably be more items added as that month proceeds - I will keep you posted.

I would love to hear from you...do you have a great routine that adds value to your life? Is there something you would suggest I add to my list? If you think an evening routine would be a great addition to your life, join me in my March Intention. I would love to get your feedback, and please feel free to share this post with friends.

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