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March Ends and April Begins

I am combining my March recap and April Intention into one post this month. Why? Well, unfortunately, I fell way short of my intention for evening routine. I only followed through with my plans for a couple of the 31 nights. Failure? Perhaps. Learning opportunity? Yes. When I did actually go through all the steps I had mapped out, I did get the results that I expected. My days started much easier and more peacefully than the rest of the mornings of the month. I definitely saw the immediate value in my intent, but still did not follow through. I was easily distracted in the evening and lost focus. The habit of a good evening routine is still something I want to incorporate into every day.

This desire leads me to my plans to be more intentional in April. To be more focused on a few aspects of my life. To try to eliminate distractions. I have decided to combine my intentional plans from the past three months, and fine tune my focus on planning around those three aspects of my life. From January, my minimalism focus will be on playing the Minimalism Game. I am re-instituting my shopping ban from February. And, lastly I am going to repeat my plans for my evening routing. So far as of Day 4 I am progressing well in all three areas.

How do I plan to continue success in the first two areas and add one more? Getting back to the basics using my written day planner to stay on track. I made the choice at the beginning of the year to shift into using more technology and less paper for my calendar/day planning. I went back and forth between a couple of apps for my phone in combination with Google Calendar, without much success. I wound up losing track of many things and becoming generally less effective. To keep my focus this month I am returning to using my Bullet Journal. I have realized I am much more of an "analog" person, and digital tools are not the best for me. Writing things down helps solidify them in my thoughts and committing to tracking my tasks by hand makes me more likely to complete them.

So, I am headed into April optimistic that my intention of focus will be more dramatically more successful than the previous month.

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