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My Minimalism: Wardrobe

The second in the series "My Minimalism", this post will cover my wardrobe aside from the workout/athletic attire covered in the first post. My "everyday" clothes encompass what I wear for all activites other than teaching yoga, exercising or giving massages. So, everything from what I wear at home to an evening out.

This photo encompasses the bulk of that wardrobe: dresses, skirts, tops and cardigans. Not pictured are my two pairs of jeans, a couple of long sleeve knit tops and three bathing suits (a necessity in southwest Florida). I also did not add in any undergarments or pajamas for obvious reasons. I purposely did not detail each and every piece or give a total count for each type of clothing, as this is not meant to be a process of comparing my wardrobe to yours or anyone else's. What I hope is apparent is that I have culled my wardrobe down to key pieces that I love and that I wear regularly. There is still room for refinement, and I am going to be looking at the "winter" pieces in the next week to eliminate anything I did not wear over the last 5 months. What is obvious, is that I have chosen to limit myself to a narrow color scheme. While you make find it boring and restrictive, making this change greatly simplified my life. As mentioned in my previous post, using only shades of blue and white with a few accent colors helps ensure all of my clothes coordinate and makes shopping immensely easier. Aside from stripes and one stand alone print dress, all of my pieces are solids, which again makes coordinating much easier.

Far from feeling restrictive, I approach my wardrobe as my uniform for life. I seek out fabric that is easy to care for and items that fit my best features, so that finding an outfit to wear for any occasion is foolproof. Gone are the days where I had a large closet full of clothes but nothing that fit or was appropriate. Now I can easily identify what outfit I want to wear for any activity.

Looking for some suggestions for how you can begin to cull your wardrobe? These are my top 10 suggestions (several borrowed from Courtney Carver's list of "33 Things to Eliminate From Your Closet"). Eliminate the following:

10. Super cute shoes you can't walk in

9. Bridesmaids dresses....it does not matter what they say, you will never wear them again

8. Your high school jeans that have not buttoned since high school

7. Clothes that aren't yours

6. Pants that are too short

5. Uniforms for jobs you know long have

4. Promotional T-shirts you have never worn

3. Anything that still has a price tag on it for over a year

2. Any button up top that gaps

1. Christmas sweaters!!!

Start there and see where it takes you. Next up in the "My Minimalism" series, I will wrap up wardrobe with accessories, shoes and outerwear.

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