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Intentional April: Aftermath

My intention for April was to be more focused. I chose the following three areas to concentrate on: playing the minimalism game, following my evening routine nightly and a shopping ban. The month of April was a challenge for me as I was coping with an ongoing cold turned sinus infection, not preparing adequately for a half marathon I ran on the 23rd, and fitting in as much work as possible prior to the end of "season" in southwest Florida. However, all things being equal, I feel like my plans were a success.

1. I completed the full month of the Minimalism Game de-cluttering over 465 items!

2. My evening routine is pretty established now and is really helping me to be prepared each morning to start the day on a positive note.

3. The weak point was my shopping ban. It was not a zero spending month. However, the purchases I did make were either planned ahead, specific replacements for items that needed to go, or a little luxurious splurge (what can I say). In the end, I felt good about the spending I did and each purchase was in line with my priorities and adds value to my life.

My tool to focus on these three areas was to return to my paper planner, and it has truly been my lifeline once again. For me, writing down my plans for the day, appointments, and inspirations is not only powerful, but necessary to keep me on track and focused. I do not plan on experimenting with digital only again any time soon.

While my areas of focus were very specific to what I wanted to accomplish in the month, it is my hope you take inspiration from my accomplishments and the tool I used to get there. If you find this blog helpful or have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share with friends, and make sure you subscribe to Pursuing a Mindful Life.

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