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Intention for May: Self Care

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation" - Audre Lorde

After I posted my April Newsletter, a dear friend reached out to me essentially asking me if I was taking time to breathe. Her assessment from the long list of things I had going on was that I was probably stressed out. She was not wrong. Even when I was taking planned time off, it still usually involved one glowing screen or another. So thanks to you Kathie, this month my intention is self care.

To keep my plans for getting too broad and nebulous (i.e. stressful), I am narrowing it down to just a couple of specific things:

1. Daily meditation - I am not setting a specific time goal that must be met, but rather just planning to sit quietly for any amount of time each day. I may use a specific meditation technique, or just sit and listen to the birds chirping in my yard.

2. Reading for pleasure - I am an avid reader, but I tend to pick up books that are self-help, philosophy, motivational (in other words - deep). This month I am going to read books that are purely for entertainment.

3. Massage - as a licensed massage therapist, it is a simple thing for me to get a massage, but I rarely make time for it! This month I have already appointments for myself not only for massage, but also for a facial and biofeedback.

Time to get my body and mind back on track. What self care tools could you incorporate this month to keep yourself on track and better able to provide care to those you love?

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