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My Minimalism: My Handbag

Whether you carry a handbag, briefcase, backpack, tote bag, or etc. a few tips can help you streamline what you carry with you and simply finding what you need. I will be discussing my handbag since that is what I carry daily. Tweeze out the aspects that apply to the way you live your life. While I will not be discussing brands of the items I choose to use, it is true I have chosen to go for quality over quantity and invest in one bag that suits all my needs and adds value to my life.

This is my everyday bag that I carry pretty much everywhere I go. I selected it for its size, versatility, style and durability. I can carry it over the crook of my arm, in one hand with both handles, over the shoulder or cross body using the long optional strap. The size is flexible enough to allow me to fit in all that I need without carrying too much on a daily basis. The biggest and heaviest item currently in my bag is my hard cover journal/day planner. To keep the rest of the items organized inside my bag, I have two smaller pouches and my wallet. Let's look a little closer at each of these:

The larger of the two pouches is my catch-all for the small items that would otherwise float around in the bottom of my bag. Lip gloss and a couple of other make-up touch up items, keys and my flash drive are staples and other items may come and go as needed.

I am currently using this small wallet to offset the weight of my hard cover journal. This wallet is just large enough for cash and coins, my id, library card and 3 debit/credit cards. Just the items I need daily. I do have a larger wallet that I may switch out when I return to a smaller, lighter planner.

To accommodate the other store reward cards, coupons and business cards that I like to have accessible, I am also carrying this small pink pouch. It is thin and just right to fill this need.

With these tools in place, the only thing floating in my bag is my pen so it is always easy to find. My handbag itself does have three slit pockets in the sides that I utilize for receipts or notes I will need for a specific task. These are cleaned out daily to ensure they are addressed or trashed as appropriate. The only other item not in the photos is my phone which resides in one of the slit pockets, but was in use for this photography.

While there are as many different choice in bags to carry your "stuff" as there are personality types, take some time to determine exactly what it is you need to carry, how you would like to be able to organize and access your things, and perhaps most importantly, how much weight are you willing to cart around each day. As I mentioned with my wallet option, I do have a couple different "bags" that I do also incorporate as needed: a large folding tote bag is great for transporting items and then folding up when not in use, a small clutch that just holds lipstick, credit card, id and my phone when going out for the evening, a small cross body bag that I like to use when traveling, and of course when I want to go hands free, my id and lipstick are in my husband's pocket!

What does your minimal bag look like? Have I inspired you to take a look at the junk you may be carrying around (you know the receipt from 2 years ago, old hard candy, or the pacifier for your now 10-year old)? Let me know!!

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