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Gratefulness in June

In June my focus was to find at lease one thing each day for which I am truly grateful. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my daily posts. When your heart is open, it is very easy to find space to be grateful for so many things both large and small that make life worth living.

The following is my daily list of gratefulness from June 5 - 30. To see the images for each day, follow me on Instagram or check out the feed at Pursuing a Mindful Life.

5. My best friend Connie

6. A wonderful rainy day after months of drought

7. My sweet poodle that serves as an alarm clock

8. Joyful Yoga

9. The sunflowers growing outside my front door

10. My loving husband

11. My mom

12. Living near the beach

13. The staff at Lee Memorial Hospital

14. Morning coffee routine

15. My work as a massage therapist

16. Champagne

17. The fresh tomatoes in my yard

18. Father's Day - and my amazing Dad

19. The beautiful birds that greet me each morning

20. A cozy home

21. Fresh flowers

22. The bunnies that call my yard home

23. My grandmother's wedding ring

24. Minimalism

25. My Aunt Melissa

26. Dr. Samith Sandadi

27. Sunrise

28. My niece Kira and her "sweet sixteen"

29. My kindhearted brother Jeff

30. The thoughtful handwritten notes from friends.

While I did not continue with official list on social media, my heart continues to find so many opportunities for gratitude. If you are feeling low or defeated in any way, force yourself to identify something that is unique and amazing in your life. Gratitude is infectious and will spread to fill your day with joy. A grateful person is kinder, warmer, and gives others reasons to be grateful by his actions. Spread gratitude and joy to those in your life.

I would like to add one more item (two people) to my list. Thank you to you Kathie O'brien and Tess Chiodo for offering to be the surrogate moms in my life. You each model the love and kindness that I want to give and I am grateful to each of you for your influence and impact on my life.

I would love to hear what you are grateful for today! Please reach out to me via email or social media, or comment below to share.

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