• Amy Michele

The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note

Recently when I went to my mailbox I was thrilled to find a friendly envelope in the box along with the usual junk mail and bills. That envelope contained a lovely card and note from a dear friend. She knew I was facing some challenges and just reached out to me with words of encouragement and love. I was very touched that she not only thought of me, but took the time out of her day to express those thoughts in writing. Are we losing the art of handwriting? I believe we are.

Whether it is a thank you, a holiday, or just to say I love you, how many of us will default to an e-mail or worse yet a text that consists of 5 emojis to express ourselves. While email and text definitely have their place in our hectic lives, how much more mindful is it to thoughtfully hand-write a note. In his essay titled "The Handwritten Love Letter is Dying", Jared Keller wrote, "Handwriting forces us to think methodically, thoughtfully and carefully, without the benefits of Control-Z or the shortcut of emojis." Even adding a short note to a printed card takes time and consideration on the part of the sender. Handwriting brings adds a human touch that cannot be mimicked by typing out the same words. How much more meaningful is that note in a child's lunch box saying "I love you" vs sending a heart shaped icon to the child's cell phone during lunch.

For years I have been trying to maintain the habit of sending personal notes in a variety of situations, but I am poignantly reminded of just how wonderful they can be when I receive one myself. While a word of thoughtfulness in any form can be uplifting and encouraging, thank you from the depths of my heart to all of you who took time out of your busy lives in the past couple of weeks to hand write so many messages of loving kindness.

Who could you send a note to today? It does not have to be a War and Peace length epic letter. Maybe just adding a "thinking of you" to sweet note card is all it takes to bring a warm smile to someone's heart and face.


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