• Amy Michele

Intentional August

Call it what you like: mindfulness, intentional, living in the now, focus, etc. All add up to living life purposefully. We all have our days where we gamble about with out any of the above - living mindlessly. Sadly, many people live mindlessly in perpetuity. My "goal" for August is to really try to slow down and simplify my daily tasks to find at least some moments each day that are truly mindful.

While this may seem vague, I do have some specific areas that I will be focusing on as opportunities to be more mindful:

Eating - particularly when eating alone


Time spent on electronic devices

Digital communication


This list is not exhaustive, just some of the areas where I am sure I can make improvement. I am looking forward to sharing the results and any other areas that I found to increase my level of mindfulness when the month ends.



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