• Amy Michele

Signs you need a Digital Detox

Do you find yourself overloaded with too much information: text, email, television programming, application notifications, etc. No wonder we feel like be don't have time to be intentional in our daily lives. Each morning we start digging ourselves out from under all the input we allow into our lives. In this month, of trying to be more focused, I have become very aware of how much time and energy I spend receiving, seeking, and processing digital information from far more sources than are necessary. Just thinking about this topic brought to mind a quote I love from the movie You've Got Mail:

"Technologically speaking, the world's out of hand. Take the VCR. The whole idea of a VCR is that it makes it possible for you to tape what's on television while you're out of the house. But the whole point of being out of the house is so you can miss what's on television."

Okay so today it would be a DVR, but still rings true! So, what do we do? I propose a digital detox!

The following questions are just a few signs that you may need a digital detox.

1. Do you have more televisions in your home than people?

2. Do you use at least one electronic device while you are eating?

3. Do you find you cannot drive the car or exercise without some distraction?

4. Do you find you turn on the television when you are home for noise?

5. Do you reach for your cell phone whenever you hear one ring?

6. Do you think your cell phone is vibrating when it is not?

7. Can you go more than 15 minutes without checking social media or email?

8. Do you get anxious if no one has "liked" a post?

9. Do you answer your phone, text or app notifications when you are out with friends?

10. Has it been years since you have read anything but email?

11. Do you find it very difficult to shut your phone off at night, on a plane, or in a movie theater? And do you itch to turn it back on as soon as possible?

12. Do you stand in line anywhere talking on your phone?

13. Do you use your any digital device at stoplights? or worse yet while you are driving?

14. Do you get anxious if you don't have cell service, wifi or access to a television?

15. Have you ever found yourself watching TV while in front of your computer and talking on your phone all at the same time?

Have to be honest, I have to say yes to way too many of these. How about you? Do you need a digital detox? Or a least to be much more deliberate with how you use technology to enhance rather than detract from a meaningful life? In my next blog we will delve into some ideas to incorporate a digital detox into our lives. Yes that includes me! I am going to do a little n=1 test and see what works well for me and give you the update next week. Until then, I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know if you think of some signs to add to the list!





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