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Distraction and Creativity

Something about fall always makes me feel more grounded. It probably stems from childhood and getting back into the schedule of school. This feeling continues in my adult life living in a seasonal community. This fall I have truly needed some grounding. If you have noticed, I have not been posting much in the past 6 weeks. The months of September and October have just been filled with distraction for me. So much so that my plans for intentionality just went out the window. I have just been feeling untethered for weeks and unable to get my thoughts together to write anything coherent. Since my goal in writing is simply to add value to the lives of others, I did not want to just throw some kind of post on my blog to reach my "quota" for the month. So what has changed? Last week Minimalism Life posted this quote on Instagram and a light bulb went off:

My creativity was being sidelined by my distracted spirit. I had been trying so hard to stay on some self imposed posting schedule and not listening to my heart and my head, that I felt guilty, further adding to the weight to my distraction. Reading this made me realize I needed to accept where I am right now and move forward. So, I have finally arrived at some intentionality for this fall. I am making two changes to my writing schedule and style.

The first is to let go of the pressure to post blogs on an prescribed schedule. This was a tough decision to make. When I first started my blog I read the suggestions of bloggers that I respected. They all had so much to share, but one common thread from most was that you need to be consistent and post on schedule. Once per month, week, day whatever appealed to me and was appropriate for my audience. So my intention was once per week. However, there were a few rogue voices that spoke from the other side of the aisle. They encouraged posting when the writing was ready to be shared. When inspiration and creativity come together to make a product that would add value. I now know this is the better path for me, my writing and my blog.

To accomplish this, my second change is to gather my thoughts and inspirations for writing every day. Up to this point, I have been sitting down to write when I had "enough" time to get a complete post written. While this worked a good deal of the time, I know there were thoughts that I had at other times that I did not capture and would have been a good addition to previous posts. So I will follow the advice of virtually every writing teacher and sit daily to just write even if it is just a few minutes each day.

My hope is this that my future posts will be richer and add more value to all those who read them even if they do not come on a specific schedule. As always I am so grateful to all of you who have been reading Pursuing A Mindful Life regularly and your feedback is invaluable. Thank you!

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