• Amy Michele

Welcome 2018

It is my sincere wish that you are joyfully entering the new year with a heart open to a fresh start.

I, for one, am grateful to see 2017 in the rear view mirror. I have already begun to pave the way to a new beginning in the new year. I am releasing commitments that no longer serve me, consolidating my schedule to make room for new opportunities and committing to taking more time to keep myself grounded moving forward. Taking the leap to let go of obligations is both refreshing and a little daunting. Sometimes we have to step out to make room in our hearts and lives for new openings, and I have faith that better options are on the horizon for me.

Where does this new year find you? Have you taken some time to reflect on your accomplishments, or lack there of, in the past year? While this task can be difficult, acknowledging where we come from gives us space to move forward with a plan. I am not talking about picking big picture resolutions, ie lose weight, exercise more, quit your job, etc. I have never found "resolutions" to be helpful for me. Lets face it when I miss hitting the mark before the 2nd week of January, it is easier to simply throw in the towel. I prefer to approach my new year plans as a fresh start or new beginning. While there is of course nothing magical about January 1 or making changes at the start of a new year, it is a great time to join in the universal momentum toward change.

In December I began to ponder what I wanted to make my focus for 2018. Everything I read and listened to kept bringing me back to one word: Simple. This word encapsulates all that I have already been working toward in minimalism, diet, work and family life. In 2017 my word was Intention(al) and I had an intentional focus for each month. While it was a very worthwhile effort, many months my intention was too broad and encompassed too many activities. I did grow and change with this exercise in intentionality, but this year I want to dramatically narrow my focus. This brings me back around to simplicity. I have chosen a planned program to keep me on track for the year called A Simple Year. It is a program with an emphasis each month with a different advocate leading the discussion. A Simple Year appealed to me because I was already following many of the contributors and respected their work. While a program like this is certainly not necessary, I am looking forward to the "obligation" of investing in myself by working through each month. I will, of course, share my journey into simplicity along the way in blog posts and my newsletter.

I would love to hear what your plans are for 2018. Where do you see this year taking you?



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