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Letting Go - part 2

When I wrote the last post "Letting go for Lent", I did not realize it would be my last post for a couple of months. The conscious break I took from digital addiction carried over into simplifying other areas of my life and just focusing on the important things. I return now to my keyboard with a clearer mind and heart for sharing my thoughts with you.

First an update on the "lent" experiment. I can say that not only was it 100% successful - I did not load any games back onto my phone. It was also enough time to break the really bad habit. On April 1 to test my resolve, I did download the most addictive of the time wasters and after only a few minutes of playing, I was overwhelmed with feelings of stress and discomfort. I immediately deleted the game again and my phone is now lighter on the distracting apps in general. I recognize my tendency to get caught up in efforts that not only waste my time, but are also completely unproductive with out any temporal pleasure. All the way around I am much better served by being very cautious about my use of all apps. Lets face it even social media used for "business" takes time aware from actual interaction with clients. I have redoubled my efforts to spend my time wisely going forward.

As for the rest of my "Letting go", it was initially just a matter of time being tied up in other things and gradually became something more. I would not call it writers block, because I did have ideas and plans in my mind as to how I would express them, but just could not bring myself to sit down and actually write. I know now I needed time to re-think why I was writing and what I hoped to accomplish. While I have not figured it all out, I have come to a place of letting go of the expectations and just letting my work be what it is. I know that what I write may be meaningful to several, one or no readers, but the act of writing down what I want to share is really the creative process and the rest will take care of itself.

So after a brief, unplanned hiatus, I am back and ready to let my creative juices flow again. Hope you are still with me while I "pursue and mindful life".

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