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Writing For Mom

Three years ago I got a hair brained idea that I should write a book. Prior to that point my writing had purely been academic or for professional reasons. I had never even been successful at journaling. Writing down my personal thoughts was just uncomfortable for me. So the thought of writing a book was a little out of left field. My husband and some close friends gave me the encouragement to begin and at least dip my toe in the water. So I started with just writing for myself - an ongoing personal journal that was really just stream of thought being put on paper. In 2016, when the journaling was not leading to anything specific, I decided to take a writing workshop to figure out what to do next. I posed this specific question to the instructor and after a few minutes of discussion, his response was simple. "Write something for other people to read." Yikes! Put my random thoughts out for the criticism and analysis of others. What if no one likes what I write or worse, no one reads it? In spite of my inner critic, I put my big girl pants and started this blog.

With a few down times, I have been writing essays like this ever since. However, lately I have been questioning whether I should continue, and whether or not my varied topics of discussion will ever lead me to begin the elusive book. Fast forward to this past Thursday. My father had gathered a box of things for me that my mother had been saving for many years. Buried beneath elementary school report cards, art projects and announcements of my birth, I found this certificate of merit.

I have no recollection of receiving this award in the second grade, so you can imagine my shock that it was for "Writing a book". As I dug deeper in the box I found one of several of the little books I had written and the memories came flooding back. Thanks to Mrs Curtis, my first and second grade teacher, I have written and illustrated my own books. No, they are not exactly on the best seller list and I am not expecting any calls from the Pulitzer Prize committee, but I cannot describe the feelings that washed over me as I perused them. While I have always loved to read (thanks Mom and Mrs. Curtis), sometime after 1977, I forgot I ever enjoyed writing. Then I started thinking, of all the school projects, over all the years, why was this specifically saved and in this box for me today?

After my mother passed away last year, my aunt shared with me a conversation she had with my mother a year or so earlier. One of her dreams, that she never got to pursue, was to be a journalist. Marriage, two kids and they typical suburban life and it's pursuits took her off that track completely. She never mentioned any of this even when I shared with her that I had started writing this blog. Full circle back around to yesterday, holding this award and books in my hand and remembering my mother's unfulfilled dream, I got the kick in the pants I needed to get back in front of the keyboard and just write. Thank you Mom! This post is for you.

Oh and I also got a little inspiration for a potential book! Who knows what the future holds.

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