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  • Amy Michele

Clearing away Christmas

I love the day that I pull out all the Christmas decorations and set them up around my home. My mother passed to me her love of Christmas and all the trappings. As my minimal journey progresses, each year I decorate with an attitude toward curating the decorations in my home to just the items I truly love. This year it was a pleasure to set up the true treasures of the holidays that my family and I cherish, and share what was left with individuals and agencies that would put them to good use. The items we chose to display felt like old friends as they were un-boxed and their places of honor were selected. Memorable items from my childhood family tree, my husband's collection of fire engine ornaments and mementos from our travel all came together to decorate our home in a way that brought us true joy.

While I loved our curated collection of decorations during the season, what I love equally is the day they all come down. We did leave our display up until the epiphany this year (January 6). So Sunday we spent the morning packing everything up. This year, I added the KonMari idea of thanking each item for the joy it brought while in our living space and carefully tucked them away for the next 11 months. What I really like is the return of the open space in my home. The once again empty surfaces and spaces were reconsidered before just being restocked with the same home accents. My friend and interior designer Wrenda Goodwyn wrote a wonderful article about this being a great time to refresh your home and make some meaningful decorating choices (Forget the resolutions and set realistic goals for 2019).

In my home, I am working toward more empty space. One of my favorite quotes from Courtney Campbell author of the website Be More With Less is "Make more space for more life, not more stuff". Less to clean, less distraction to my eye, and more calm all feel like the space I want my home to be. Clearing away our Christmas display is a nice start on that path.

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