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Turning a New Page

"...handwriting triggers our critical thinking, helping us draw new connections between thoughts." - Ryder Carroll

My last post "Clearing away Christmas" highlighted how taking down the decorations is one of my favorite things about the new year. The other thing that I really enjoy and that makes me feel like the new year has officially begun is my new calendar. While I know there is nothing magical about the date January 1, something about the new year, month, week and day all in one is refreshing. When I was a child it was a calendar with my favorite character or animal. Now it encompasses so much more. Call it a planner, organizer, appointment book, journal, or diary. For me it becomes all of the above in one. Transferring all my important information into a new volume is cathartic. It is a fresh start literally and metaphorically.

I know using any of the myriad of electronic tools and phone apps available may be simpler than transferring information each January. I even tried to go completely digital in the last two months of 2018. While in some ways it was nice to have all my data in my phone, for me it just did not function as well. I, like many people, remember tasks and events better when I have written them down. While I have used countless different paper tools, the one the resonates most with me is the Bullet Journal Method developed by Ryder Carroll.

The true beauty of this method is that it is simple and versatile. All you need to begin is any notebook and a pen. While he gives the basic structure to implement the method; beyond that, you make your "BUJO" whatever you need it to be. I have been using this method for a couple of years. Every now and then I got distracted by other analog and digital tools. However, I keep coming back to what works best for me. Having one place to gather all the information I acquire in my day, all my appointments, and task lists is a lifesaver for me. The Bullet Journal Method really helps me be mindful each day. While I love the symbolism of starting on January 1, one of the great benefits of BUJO is that you can begin at anytime. So if you fall off the wagon at any point, you just jump right back in on the next fresh page in your journal. If you find yourself forgetting things or with a myriad of post it notes to remind you of the important things, consider the Bullet Journal.

What events or actions make you feel like your new year has officially begun?

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