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Finishing a Lipstick

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This week, I finished a tube of lipstick. For the first time in a very long time, if ever, I used all of a cosmetic before disposing of it. You may be wondering why this is significant to me and certainly why it warrants a blog post. If you have followed me for any length of time, you may already know one of my big challenges with minimalism and shopping involves skin care and cosmetics. I love buying anything in either category. The girly girl in me loves coming home with new cosmetics in beautiful packaging. In my life, Sephora equals "crackhouse". I jest of course, but there was a time when I could not enter a cosmetics or department store without purchasing something.

One of my limitations to my "no spending" month of February was no skincare/cosmetic products at all. I was successful and learned a lot about my habits along the way. First, I was smart enough to stay out of those tempting stores. Instead I chose to focus on the products I have. What can I use up? What needs to be discarded due to age? And what really needs to be replaced or added when the time is right? This time around I was brutal when considering what I really need and at what price point.

Second, I realized one great key factor for myself when it comes to cosmetics. When I am taking good care of my skin (daily skin care, the right, safe products, and sun protection) I generally apply less makeup. But of course that comes back around to loving to purchase skin care as well. What I have finally settled in on when it comes to skin care is just the basic products from a quality skin care line (look for my skincare regimen in an upcoming post), with just a few supporting products to address areas I would like to improve. When I have a cabinet full of too many products, not only does it make skin care more complicated, but I also find products that do not get used in the appropriate time frame. In the past 9 months I have streamlined what I put on my skin, reduced the time and effort involved in actually using these products, and have greatly improved the condition and appearance of my skin. This in turn made my approach to no spending in this category for February quite easy. Since I am now inclined to use less makeup, focusing on just the products I own was the natural progression.

In March, I took on a small challenge. I knew the lipstick that inspired this post was coming to the end of its useful life. I had determined this was one item that I will be replacing. Off I went to Sephora with the goal of finding a couple of alternate products and comparing colors and prices. I am proud to say I stayed on task, found several good alternatives, and left the store with only my research and no cute black and white striped bag filled with goodies. A successful non-shopping trip!

This brings us to this week and an empty tub of lipstick going into recycling. In the past, if I got tired of a product or color, I would stuff it in the back of the drawer or share it with friends or family. The second of which made me popular with this group, but not great for my wallet. While the lipstick is just one small product, it is a symbol of a change in my perspective on the best use of my resources. Planning before I purchase and using up the things I buy and love is a path I plan to stay on for the future.

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