• Amy Michele

On Turning 50

September 20th I celebrated my 50th birthday! I will admit that as the day approached, I was worried that this day would weigh heavy on me. Both my 30th and 40th birthdays sent me into a tizzy (fancy for I did not handle them well). Why do these landmark decade years hit us so hard? I can distinctly remember my grandmother's 50th birthday and her response that this was the last birthday she was going to have. Fortunately she was with us for many 50th birthdays after that! But, the age 50 does specifically weigh heavy on many of us.

To cut the potential downward spiral off at the pass, I made a point to embrace the day and celebrate with friends the passing of another year of my life. I was pleasantly surprised that in truth I felt and continue to feel amazing. I have a wonderful life, good health, an amazing husband and the best friends I could ask for. I am truly blessed. And in my heart I feel much younger than 50 and ultimately I think that is what truly matters.



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