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Spring Cleaning - Thriving at Home

"Spring is the season to refresh and express gratitude for your home." - Marie Kondo

Still on the path to a year of "Thriving", March was supposed to be my month to focus on food and diet. But as so many of us do in the spring, my thoughts kept returning to my home and spring cleaning. So I changed my "thrive" target for March to Home. While generalizing "home" is rather broad, I did have a few outstanding home projects nagging at me and spring seemed as good a time as any to jump in.

I considered playing the Minimalism Game again, but really did not think I had enough "stuff" to declutter that many items. Well once you get the ball rolling, sometimes you can surprise yourself. The credit really goes to my husband for all quantity of items eliminated from our home in the last 6 weeks. One of my over-arching minimalism rules is that I don't get rid of his or shared things without his permission. So when he joined in and we started discussing things to delete from our home, I was more than happy to load my car for the donation center. Unfortunately, I did not keep track of the number of items as I had no idea when we started that we could eliminate so much. I can confidently say if we did not complete what equaled a full month of the "game" we came pretty close. In addition to numerous random odds and ends from all over the house, we let go of 5 substantial pieces of furniture and significantly changed the appearance and comfort of our home.

Have you ever experienced that momentum where you make one small improvement and a cascade seems to follow? Well luckily we were on that track. I wanted to replace the shower door on the stall in our master bathroom, but it seemed pricey and certainly not a priority in the big picture of life. Then my husband recommended we just take it down and go old school with a curtain. I was hesitant, but loved it when the gross old door was gone and a clean white curtain was in its place. Then I wanted the rest of the room to feel as clean and fresh. A month later the following has been done in our master bedroom and bath: repaint of each rooms' walls and trim work; deep clean and treatment of floor grout; replace bath fan (big mess and lots of work) and towel rod (easy and so worth it); removal of excess accessories, old bath products of all sorts, a glut of towels and an unattractive light fixture; and the addition of new bedding. Our bed and bath now feel more like the restful oasis that I always wanted them to be.

While the interior was getting its updates, we were also working outside. We have a small yard and fortunately not much that we have to do in it, but things had become overgrown and unattractive. All it took was a couple of early (which in Florida means cooler) mornings of work to put our yard to rights. Bushes were cut back, ripped out and replaced as needed to make things easy to maintain and more attractive. The overall result is lovely and makes my heart smile when I walk out my front door.

Were any of these home projects a matter of life and death? Of course not. Did they add value, overall happiness and more gratitude for my home to my daily life? Absolutely. Did I "Thrive at Home" in March? Most definitely!

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